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15-Jun-2017 11:04

Excellent game great game, love the japanese girl and (with that) cosplay option in the game.took a while to figure out how to get them all in 1 play, when i finally figured it out i saw it was posted in the comments too The hardest person to get to go with a holiday was Naomi. Kendra took me 3 times and Reiko was first time lucky.I like this game a lot because it is not too easy or too hard it is just right and the graphics are amazing. All Animations, Graphics and Gameplay is just perfect.

i also been able to complete with nicole finally after many tries. Its a hard game but I thinks first u should score passing marks after that you should talk to any of the beauty.

It wasn`t too hard nor easy to figure things out even though I felt Kendra -- Naomi was the order of difficulty from easiest to hardest based on my experiences.

I got Kendra in one try, Reiko in two and Naomi took four.

Found all three secrets: One is by the locker by Naomi The other is at the shop on the ceiling (on the left) close to the shop And the last is in the Library, sticking out on a book (these pictures require a QR scanner) Was hoping if LOP could make a free game similar to Jordan 500, which is definitely my personal number one, but overall, this game was good; hot girls, glad to see Kendra again, and Reiko is just a bombshell.

The game is fun, it had me hooked, trying to find out all the different ways to the girls.All that said, this game is great, wish it was longer and Reiko is my favorite.